Welcome to Kinetic! We’re a modded Minecraft network building our own modpacks. Why not take a look around?

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See our full catalogue of modpacks for Minecraft. No matter your preferred version, type, or mods… You will find something.

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We have a range of public servers. For our own custom modpacks, and for other 3rd party packs.

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Install any of our modpacks with a press of a button, no need to muck around with uploading files. 

Welcome to Kinetic!

Hello there, and welcome to our network. It’s nice to meet you! We got off the ground in 2017 after a modpack called Kinetic got a bit of attention on Technic. People’s requests for a public server for the pack lead us to where we are today.

The Kinetic modpack and server are long gone, but over the past 4 years, we kept launching new packs, and new servers. Even diving into hosting servers for 3rd party packs. Kinetic’s goal then, as it is now. Is to build lag-free, stable servers, based around an active and friendly community.

We can’t wait for you to join our community, and dive into our servers!

Our Public Servers

Here are all our public servers. Press on them to find out more info and how to join.

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If you have any questions, need support, want to keep updated, or just want to chat with others in our community. Join our Discord server.

It’s the main hub for our community and the best way to keep updated with all things Kinetic.

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