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    Download one of our modpacks and join our friendly and active community of over 1000 players
  • A Friendly Community

    We have build Kinetic to be a friendly place to play Minecarft and clamp down hard on toxic behavior
  • A Range of Modpacks

    We host a range of different modpacks. If you like Magic, Tech, Space or PvP you will find a pack to your liking here.

About us

Here is a little bit about us

Welcome to the Kinetic Network!

We started the Kinetic Network over a year ago with the goal of building a friendly place for players to play Minecarft. Too many servers out there have a toxic and rude community, people just want to play the game not be annoyed by obnoxious people in chat. We now have a fantastic community of over 1700 people playing across our network.

Our servers run on powerful machines to help keep your experience lag free and we have a team of dedicated Server Managers to help keep the network ticking. We also help manage and run other modded Minecraft networks, so you may have already played on one of our servers before.

What makes us stand out

How we differ from other networks

Friendly Players

We build the Kinetic Network be a friendly place to play Minecraft and have worked hard on this over the past year. People come here to play Minecraft not to be annoyed by a toxic player in chat or voice.

Epic Staff

We care about our players, so make sure we have a staff team on hand to help you out with any issues you have when using one of our modpacks or playing on one of our servers.

Custom Backend

Our server backend has been custom built to allow us to have more control over our servers. It allows us to quickly get into the server files helping us reduces downtime should there be an issue.

Check out our selection of modpacks

We have a range of different modpacks for you to get stuck into.

Why choose our servers

What We Offer

Full Support

We care about our players, so offer full support for all of our active modpacks. From crash and lag issues to setting up your own servers with one of our packs.

Safe and Secure

All your personal data and IP addresses are safely encrypted and are not stored for any longer than needed. We never sell your data or hand it out to any other companies. All our sites and web stores are hosted by trusted providers.

Range of Packs and Servers

We have a range of packs available for download and this is expanding all this time most packs also have a 24/7 public servers. If you like magic, tech, space, pixelmon, PvP or even Dinosaurs you will find a pack to your liking here.

Active Community

We have an active and friendly community on all our servers and discord channels. We also have a Discord channel for you to chat about other games and find new people to play with!

Server Download

We offer a free server download for most of our modpacks even the ones we host server for. The files download in a small zip file and with a press of a button they are ready for you and your mates to start playing. We also offer support to…


"Kinetic is the best place I have found to play minecraft. The servers run mostly without issues and you can tell the staff care about the server and its players. The community around these servers is great there are less annoying players here than I find in other server or networks."


Keep Updated

Battergrounds will be going live on the 20th

Our all-new factions modpack will be going live on the 20th! Battlegrounds is built to be a factions pvp modpack, it has a host of tech and weapons mods for you…

Colony version 2 is now live!

Here is the new mod list of Colony version 2 LibVulpes (by zmaster587) Advanced Rocketry (by zmaster587) Advanced Lightsabers (by FiskFille) AI Improvements (by darkguardsman) Applied Energistics 2 (by AlgorithmX2)…

Mythic version 3.1.0 is now live!

Here is the new Mythic mod list   Aura Cascade (by pixlepix) Barrier Block Mod (by sscards55) Custom NPCs (by Noppes) Crash Log Additions (by Dyonovan) Better Builder’s Wands (by…

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The Kinetic Network is in no way affiliated with Mojang, AB. Nor should it be considered a company endorsed by Mojang, AB. The Kinetic Network is not its self a company, it is owned and managed by Dapper Fox Studios. Dapper Fox Studios owns all rights to the Kinetic Network bands.

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