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We offer our own line of server hosting, custom built for modded Minecraft. We built our hosting platform with 3 core values, price, listening to feedback, and high quality support. Pick your server up for as little a $8!
Blog & News
Changes To Our Update Cycle
Updates to our packs up until now have been very random. One day you’ll hop on, and bam here is an update to a pack. Starting from now, we’re going to make a proper update cycle and path for all our modpacks. Updates and changes server-side will happen when needed as these shouldn’t impact you...
2021 Store Rework
Big changes are coming to our online donation store. These changes will affect all our current servers starting next year and will apply to all new servers launched this year. Going forward we want to start moving into more complex modpacks. So quest based servers, PvP servers, etc. This means our current store model needs...
Scheduled Network Wide Maintenance
Tomorrow we’ll be carrying out backend maintenance on our network, this will impact the following servers: Mythic, Colony, Ultimate, Infinity, and the NA Proxy Maintenance will last a few hours and will start at 6am EST/11am GMT. The network will remain online, but these servers may restart a number of times and could go offline...
About Kinetic
SleepingTea (Chris) started the Kinetic Network back in 2017 to offer a public server for his modpack Kinetic. Over the past few years, it has been grown out into a network, hosting, and community with over 5000 members. Everything at Kinetic is built on two main core values. Listen to customers and players, and make sure it's open and welcoming for everyone
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