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Welcome to Kinetic! We have a huge range of custom servers and packs. Why not take a look around?
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We offer our own line of server hosting, custom built for modded Minecraft. We built our hosting platform with 3 core values, price, listening to feedback, and high quality support. Pick your server up for as little a $8!
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Colony v0.2.0
We’ve been working on a little while on a new update for the Colony modpack. This should bust most of the issues that plagued the last version of the server and modpack. The new update will go live on Thursday alongside the relaunch of the server. You can see the updated mod list here: Just...
The blue becomes orange
First, Dapper Fox Dapper Fox Studios is now the name of the small group that runs the Kinetic Network, Kinetic Hosting, and working on BeyondMC and Project Beyond (Alongside our other projects). The name change, won’t change anything, just puts all our projects under one banner. Why Are You Doing This? We don’t have much...
Say hello to the all-new VIP Club and get access to exclusive content on Kinetic. PROTOTYPE LOBBY We’re always coming up with new server and modpack ideas here at Kinetic. We’ll now be showing these off to you. Play around with new prototype servers and modpacks. Some will be more run of the mill packs...
About Kinetic
SleepingTea (Chris) started the Kinetic Network back in 2017 to offer a public server for his modpack Kinetic. Over the past few years, it has been grown out into a network, hosting, and community with over 5000 members. Everything at Kinetic is built on two main core values. Listen to customers and players, and make sure it's open and welcoming for everyone
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