We’re launching a hosting service!

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On November the 7th our new hosting service will be going alive, only its a bit different from others. At first, our hosting service will be targeted only at people who own or starting out a gaming network, but later on, we’ll be opening it up to normal players as well.

Make sure you head over to http://kinetichosting.net on the 7th to find out more!

Check out the perks we’ll be offering! 


Powerful Servers

What most other hosting providers don’t tell you is that the amount of RAM your server has isn’t the only component that you need to think about when renting a server. The CPU is equally as important! The way most hosting companies are set up means, that you will be sharing your CPU with a number of other customers, and that i7 7700k they’re promising won’t be a powerful as you think it is.   If you’ve got a number of players on your network or using modded Minecraft, this could be your main source of lag.

Our servers are built with networks in mind and we don’t split the CPU between loads of different servers.

Custom Tools

All our server will soon come with a custom tools suite for you to use to grow your network. We’re still working on them, and they’re not quite here yet.

Soon you will have access to your own donation store that you will be able to build from the ground up with our drag and drop site builder. The store will allow you to sell items to your players to help fund the server. The store will link will all your servers and will have a host of other features that services like Buycraft (Tebex) don’t currently offer. We will also be allowing you to use the same simple drag and drop site builder to build your own professional looking website for your network.

Customers can already get their hands on our Anti-Cheat tool for their modded Minecraft servers and will be adding more tools like this soon.

Dedicated Support

With all our servers we offer dedicated support. Our support team are on hand to help you out with even the smallest of issues, helping you get your network back online.

After the support agent has looked into your issues, they will give a rundown of what they had to do to get it fixed. So you know exactly what to do if it ever happens again. Our support team are also happy to answer any questions or queries you have with how something works on your server. Be this getting stuck with a plugin config or just a question on how something works.


Our prices don’t break the bank and we know that some moths don’t always go to plan in terms of funning. That’s why we won’t shut don’t your servers immediately after you miss a payment, we will keep it open for another month, and you can pay us back when you have the cash.

We will also give out discounts to long-serving customers.

Tutorials and Guides

New to server managing or maybe you just want to improve what you know? We have a huge selection of tutorials and guides to help you with server issues, Minecraft mods, server plugins and more. We’ll help guide you though!

Tips and Tricks

We will give you tips and tricks from experienced networks owners to help you grow your online community and servers.


With some packages we also give you help with your networks branding to give your network a professional look and help hook in more players. We use the Design Team from Dapper Fox Studios for all our branding designs. They have been doing branding and making websites for years and have had 100s of happy customers in that time.

Make sure you head over to http://kinetichosting.net on the 7th to find out more!