Say hello to our new modpack – Battlegrounds

Battlegrounds is built to be a tech and PvP (Factions) modpack and is one of our biggest modpacks yet. The pack has a host of mods for you to protect your base or wage war with. Tech Guns, Open Security, Secret Blocks, ICBM: Classic, Vics Modern Warfare, SecurityCraft, Hbm’s Nuclear Tech and more.

But you don’t want to be waging war on your enemies all the time, so we have also included a rage of heavily requested tech mods. EnderIO, Mekanism, MineFactory Reloaded, Solar Flux

The Server
Unlike with our past factions packs, Battlegrounds in running in 1.7.10 allowing us to take advantage of all the brilliant faction plugins out there. While playing on the server you will also be able to keep track of your deaths and the number of players you’ve killed. The server will have challenges and leaderboards for your faction to top and complete.

Don’t Like PvP, But Like The Mods?
Well, that’s fine. The server will feature a heavily protected safe zone, that will allow for you to play on the server just like our others.

When Is Battlegrounds Coming Out?
The beta of Battleground will go live before the end of the month, and we’ll keep you posted about the exact date.

Full Mod List