Pixelverse is going live on the 18th

Our Pixelmon server, Pixelverse will be going live on this Sunday (18th).

The Pixelverse server has been in beta awhile as we compleated the map and balanced out the gyms. Our take on Pixelmon has us include other mods in the pack as well… Giving you all the perks and mods you have become used to while playing on our servers.

Our server has 8 gyms in total, each come with their own town, and some gyms have their own unique quirks. We have spiced some of the gyms up with droppers, mazes and quizzes. The server also has elite four members, EV training ground, safari zone and loads of places for you to check out and level up your Pokemon.

Gym Types:
Gym One: Fire
Gym Two: Normal
Gym Three: Bug
Gym Four: Electric
Gym Five: Ground
Gym Six: Flying
Gym Seven: Ice
Gym Eight: Dragon

Mod List