Making things smaller

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Due to our player base getting smaller, and me just not having as much motivation to put into the network, we’re now going to start to close down servers that aren’t all that popular anymore. The Pixelverse and Jurassic Evolution servers will be closing on January 6th. I’m also pulling the plug on the new Battleground server and the Kingdoms project. Mythic and Colony will remain open and we don’t plan on closing them anytime soon. I’m sure if you’re a long-term player you have seen how sharply our player count has dropped off over the past few months. We’ve gone from having packed out servers, to now struggling to get 10 people online on some servers. There’s a number of reasons, the changes to the way trending works on Technic is a big factor, some our fault and some not. All things have their time and their peaks.

We plan on sticking around for a long time yet, just as a much smaller group of servers. If you paid for anything for the servers listed, if you got it within 7 days you can apply for your money back, or ask for your items to be moved to another server. If you paid for items more than 7 days ago, you can have your items moved to a server of your choice. To get your refund or items moved, please fill out a support ticket: Thank you to everyone who has played on our servers over the past year and a half!