New Modpack – Infinity

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We’re very happy to announce our all-new Infinity modpack!

Some of you may remember our old Beyond: Infinity modpack, it was one of our most popular and liked modpacks we’ve ever released, but a number of bugs and issues plagued the server and in the end, caused its demise. We’ve always wanted to bring that pack back in some shape, and that’s where Infinity comes in.

Unlike Beyond: Infinity, this new pack will not be in 1.12.2, it will instead be on 1.7.10 like Mythic and Colony. This opens a new world of stable mods and means that we don’t have the rely on Sponge Forge for this pack. This will mean that Infinity won’t have the same issues as the old Beyond pack.

So what’s in Infinity?

When building Infinity I looked at all the mods that you guys enjoyed in Beyond and combined them with all the best mod from Colony and Mythic. Making this modpack a nice mix of both tech, space and magic mods.

When will the pack be out?

The pack will be fully released on the 18th (Next Friday).

Full Mod List