Colony Server Breach

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Sometime earlier today someone got access to the server files of the Colony server and took them in an attempt to get money out of the network, something we refuse to give into.

We found the source of the breach to be an account of one of our staff members, and are looking into it to see if it was the account holder, or someone getting hold of their information.

As all the backups for the world were also stored in the Colony server, I’m very sorry to say that the world is gone forever. We are now putting steps in place to make sure we have backups of all our world files on other machines to prevent this from ever happening again.

So what does this mean for the Colony server?
We’re now working on rebuilding it. We will also take this time to add more mods into the pack that have been heavily suggested over the last few months.

To all those who lost your bases and data, again I am very sorry. We will be issuing free ranks and kits to everyone who lost items, so you can claim some of your stuff back.

Again, I can’t say how sorry everyone on the Kinetic Staff team is about this issue. You can put all the steps in place to prevent people from attacking the server, but nothing can stop someone walking through the front door.

As this was a blackmail attempt, we’re also in touch with the local authorities.

The Colony server will be back online in the next few days, and we will keep you updated.