Just passed 3000 Discord members!

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Just looked at our member list on Discord and just seen we passed 3000 members. When started this a year and a half ago with a little server called Kinetic, I don’t think I could even have seen that it would grow into this. I know 3000 isn’t all that big in the vast pit that is the internet, but when you grow something from nothing, I think it is something to be celebrated.

Now, I can’t make a post like this without mentioning the amazing staff team. Keeping this network open is way too much work from one guy, so we wouldn’t be here with our current and past members of the team.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. I know I’m a bit bias, but I think we have one of the best communities out there around this network. The support we had from some players when our server was taken offline back at the start of the year, just proves that. There are some bad apples, but its the internet, there always will be 😀

We thank you all for sticking with us, we know some of you have been here for a while. Here hoping we can keep growing the network and hit 4000.

Now I’ve made this post, I bet people will leave and it will drop under 3000 😀