Minecraft Market Data Breach

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Most of you here won’t be affected by this. This only concerns anyone who paid for rank, or kit before December 2017 via our old store.

Our current store, like most Minecraft servers, is handled by Tebex (Buycraft), but before this, we used another provider called Minecraft Market.

It seems after Minecraft Market closed, there was data breach and some peoples emails and passwords have been leaked onto the dark web. If you had an account or used our old storefront I recommend that you reset all your passwords if you used the same one for everything.

I must stress that this does NOT affect anyone who used our current storefront, only people who paid for a kit or rank from before December 2017. I also must assure you that our current storefront is safe to use, and is used by 1000s of other servers, even the big guys like Hypixel and HiveMC

I’m truly sorry to anyone who has been affected by this but it was something that was out of our hands. If you need us to check our logs to see when you paid for your items, I am happy to do that for you. I did try and reach out to Minecraft Market about this, but their site is now blank.

If you have any questions, please ask!

Also, please do confuse Minecraft Market with sites like MC Market