We’re opening Gmod, Rust and Ark server!

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We started hosting modded Minecraft servers just under a year ago now, and now we feel its time to start branching out into other games. We’re starting with Gmod, Rust and Ark.

We’re also taking suggestions for other games to host, so if you would like to see a game on our network let us know.


Are you taking on staff?/Where is my staff role?
Staff for here and the Kinetic Network are not one and the same. We’ll be taking on staff for our game servers soon (We’ll let you know when).

When will the new servers be live?
We plan to start getting them out by the end of next week.

What game modes will you be hosting for Gmod?
TTT, Prop Hunt, Murder and maybe DarkRP. They will all be on their own servers, so you don’t have to worry about the server switching modes.

Will the ranks for the Minecraft servers be here?
No, those ranks are for the Minecraft servers only.

Will you host other games?
We’re open to the idea. If you want to see us host another game, please let us know.

Why the name Kinetic Softworks?
Well, that’s the name of the company I founded last year, and it seems fitting to call this Discord after it as it will be our home for all projects.

Join the Discord for the new servers here: