Kinetic Timeline

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We’re working on a number of things at the moment, to improve your experience. Here is a timeline of things to come. We have modpacks like Kingdoms in the works, but they are not listed here as we don’t yet have an expected finish date.

– Fixed RTP
– Spellbound lag fixed and full release
– Launch of our ARK and Rust servers

– New claiming system
– New crate system
– Warzone on all 1.7.10 servers
– New Unknown Modpack

– Updated and refreshed website and store.
– New Unknown Questing Modpack

– Website integration with servers. We have been working on this for a little while and hope to get it out for August. We’ll be adding a login system and allow for players to edit their playerdata and view stats all from our website. This will allow you to move your player to spawn, reset player data and check level stats.

– Level system. The player will again levels for playtime and other actions on the server. Levels will come with perks and display next to the player’s username. A player will be able to see their level and redeem rewards via the site.

– Kinetic Hosting integration with all modpacks. Players will be able to launch a server for one of our modpacks with a press of a button. The server will be hosted by us at Kinetic Hosting.