If you’ve been with our network for a while, you know that we’ve had a few modpacks over the years. Some server closed down due to issues, or lack of players, or like most morphed into the packs, we have now. The modpacks have just been sitting there on my PC. So we’ve updated the mods, tweaked the configs and are releasing them again.

The modpacks will slowly come out over the coming weeks, and we’ll be opening a new Discord server for you to chat about them. All of them will come with their own Server Files and like our other modpacks can be installed with our one-click installer over on Kinetic Hosting.

We’ll be starting off with Beyond: Infinity and Jurassic Evolution, so keep an eye out for more info soon.

List of modpacks:

Mythic: Classic
Colony: Classic
Atom: Reload
Beyond: Classic
Beyond: Infinity
Jurassic Evolution
Mythic: Novus