We’ve been working on our Kingdoms modpack and server for around 7 months now and it is the biggest project we have taken on for Minecraft. The pack comes with a host of custom textures, mods and plugins.

So what is Kingdoms?

Some of you will already know what Kingdoms will be, but this will be worth a read as we’ve changed a few things up over the past few months. Kingdoms will be an MMORPG and question type modpack, it will allow for you to take part in quests, build your own Kingdom and fight other players.

Players will first be dropped in our first Kingdom, as seen in the images in this blog post. Here they can do the quest, check out the shops and even live here for a bit if they want to. The quest will guide the player along with the main storyline as well as having side stories and fetch quests. The stories will be dropping in what we’ll be calling seasons. Each season will come with new locations on the map and NPCs and slowly reveal the storyline of the world.

After you’ve done the quest, got some mates and gear you can form your own Kingdom. This is where the real meat of the pack is. Building your own Kingdom from the ground up and fight, if you want to, with the other Kingdoms on the server. The server will also issue events and challenges to the strongest Kingdoms on the server, that they will need to ready for and face off.

The world outside the main Kingdoms will be packed with hard mobs, custom dungeons and look and small side storylines.

When will Kingdom be out?

Kingdoms will be out this year, we’re just not sure when. We’re trying to push for sometime in the Summer, but we’ll see. We’re sorry this pack is taking a while, but it is a huge job and requires alot of time and effort from our staff team

How can I help?

If you would like to help with the modpack, please join our Server Dev Team (You don’t need to know any code) or our build team

We’ll be keeping you updated, over the coming months and show you more of what we’re working on! Also, thanks for the feedback and hype so far, been really motivatiing to see.