A 2020 Kingdoms Update

A 2020 Kingdoms Update

12th February 2020 Kingdoms 0

Wow, it feels like we have been working on Kingdoms for an age now, and I thank everyone who has been sitting there waiting on us. Kingdoms is a huge project, we’re basically building our own game inside of Minecraft, but once it’s done, we really hope that you enjoy what we have created, as much as we’re enjoying making it right now. First, before I dive into where we’re at, I’ll cover a little project called WC: Kingdoms, that we hope you will enjoy.


Wizards Conquest: Kingdoms

A few weeks ago we took over the running of the Arsenal Network (Now Wizards Conquest). With the plan to build up some cool new magic servers, one of these being WC: Kingdom. We also hope that this will fill the small gap of Kingdoms while we’re working on it. WC: Kingdoms will basically be a lightweight version of what we’re planning for Kingdoms. It will allow players to build their own Kingdoms, explore a huge range of dungeons, and dive deep into some magic and mystery. WC: Kingdoms will fully redo the way you play Minecraft, with mods like TerraFirmaCraft, and adding our own addons to help guide you over everything.

Players can also choose to fight and take on other Kingdoms, or if you’re not much of PvP person, you can remain friendly and passive, and make your money by becoming a trade Kingdom. Quests will not be a huge part of WC: Kingdoms with them mostly being bounty or fetch quests.

WC: Kingdoms will be everything we want Kingdoms to be, but without the custom mods, quests and story that we’re building into Kingdoms. So if you’re just looking forward to building your own Kingdom up, then WC: Kingdoms will be an amazing pack for you.

Also, don’t worry. We will still support WC: Kingdoms after Kingdoms is out, and even have plans to allow players to keep their WC: Kingdoms and include the WC: Kingdoms in the main Kingdoms server.

WC: Kingdoms will be out mid-March.


Kingdoms has grown so much in scope from when we started it. If anything, WC: Kingdoms is what we said we were building 2 years ago. We want Kingdoms to be perfect, so please give us the time to work on it. We did really plan to get it out at the end of 2019, but we had some setbacks with devs leaving the team and not working on projects they had taken on, and I didn’t want to put something out that was rushed and broken. The current ETA is a beta for the end of this year. We will also be posting more news updates and screenshots of what we’re working on, so you know what Kingdoms will be like and can help shape the server.

Again thanks so much for waiting on us. We really hope you enjoy the WC: Kingdoms server!
Join the WC Discord server: https://discord.gg/atY3dkv

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