The Nether update! (20w07a + 20w08a)

The Nether update! (20w07a + 20w08a)

20th February 2020 Uncategorised 0

Let’s talk about Minecraft’s Nether updates!

So 20w07a is with us now and brought a whole round of new mechanics and mobs as well as essential bug fixes. You might notice some of these differences when playing but others (like correcting snow golem sounds) are quality of life improvements. Some other things have been added such as Enderman being able to pick up the new nether blocks but they will never pick up Netherrack. The wither can also be summoned on the soul soil block added in the previous snapshot. Finally with the minor things, you can use Netherite as your beacon base as well as to fuel your beacon.


Now we get to the real pork featured in this snapshot… The Hoglins and Piglins. Let’s first talk about the Hoglins, They are big aggressive beasts that live in the crimson forest (which was introduced in the last snapshot). They attack on sight and if you can manage to kill them, they drop pork and sometimes leather. They are breedable using crimson fungi, but doing so is a touch bit risky. However the Hoglins and Piglins act as an ecosystem with eachother, with Piglins hunting Hoglins. The baby Hoglins are pretty tough to kill but can’t hurt you, they are just kinda like angry puppies or chihuahuas. Hoglins HATE warped fungi so if you want to keep them away, keeping a couple warped ‘shrooms in your inventory isn’t the worst idea.

The Piglins are the villagers of the nether, if villagers were gold addicts and attacked you if you aren’t wearing gold… Oh and looked like pigs! Yes the Piglins, they are the aggressive civilisation in the nether who love gold. They have some rather interesting mechanics that really make them feel alive: They love gold and will attack you if they see you mining gold blocks OR opening a chest; They give you items when you toss or right click gold at them and stare at it for a while… It’s adorable; Piglins hunt Adult Hoglins; Piglins become a zombie soon after they enter the overworld; these zombified-piglins freak out other non-zombified piglins – avoiding them and running away and finally one of my favourite mechanics…
They can play with the baby Hoglins!!!

This snapshot has really brought things into the nether to make it feel more alive than ever before and I can’t wait to see where the Minecraft developers take the 1.16 update!

We also have 20w08a which is very VERY minor and isn’t worth talking about but it’s worth mentioning!
They fixed some villager things which broke in the last snapshot, so they now have their memories back which were gone in the previous snapshot!

This is the end of the Snapshot highlights, However if you want to see more from us or more about minecraft then check out our other social media!




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