Snapshot 20w09a! (Nether Update)

Snapshot 20w09a! (Nether Update)

28th February 2020 Uncategorised 0

Snapshot 20w09a!

So what was added in the latest snapshot? well two brand new blocks as well as some quality of life changes to make things a better experience. To start let’s talk about the changes! Bartering has been altered, with the loot chances being adjusted and allowing for one of the two new blocks. Furthermore, the hoe has even more use now than being dirty… tilling soil, It is now the main tool used when breaking netherwart blocks and warped netherwart blocks. So now you don’t have to sit and break them… so ever so slowly.

The New Blocks!

This snapshot was pretty upsetting for obsidian as now it’s crying. YES! we have crying obsidian as part of this new snapshot. This new fancy block has a snazzy new texture with extra particle effects to boot. Yes this new obsidian is lovely and wet yet has no purpose yet. It’s currently useless and is only aesthetic which makes sense as the only way to acquire it currently is from bartering with Piglins.

The second block added was the target block! This new block is redstone related and does what it says on the tin. The closer you get to the bullseye the longer of a redstone pulse you get. This block is the only new block that is craftable and uses a haybale and four redstone.

In memorial…

In this snapshot we lost a brave soldier, they went quietly and we all new it was coming. The zombie Pigman is gone and has been replaced with the Zombified Piglin. This new Piglin breed can be made if you bring a Piglin into the Overworld but they also generate in the Nether naturally currently. It’s sad to see the old removed but the new is only a sign that Minecraft will keep improving and getting better. The new model for the Zombified Piglin is very fancy and looks great!


This is the end of the highlights in this snapshot. If you want to stay up to date with all things Kinetic and Minecraft then go follow our socials!





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