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We know you have a lot of questions about what Kingdoms will be at launch, and what it will become as we update it, so I hope that this post will help sum some of that up.

Will the server really be coming out on April 1st, or is this a big joke?

After all this time we felt that the 1st of April would be a somewhat funny date. I must however stress, this is a target date, and we don’t want to rush anything (**Thinks back to LIS and shudders…). This means that it will come out sometime around this date, could be before, could be after. But it will be out by the end of April.

Will there be a beta?

When Kingdoms goes live it will start in Season 0. This will be our beta season. Where we test items, do lots of updates, and change the server based on your feedback. The big things like dungeons and the storyline (And boy do we have a cracker of a story lined up) will all come in the next season… Season 1.

We will, however, be hosting a beta of the beta season… An Alpha if you like. This will open around a week before Season 0 opens and will allow us to make sure that there is no game smashing bugs in there, and fix anything confusing part of the server.

How can I take part in the Alpha?

We will be choosing Alpha tester based on your Kingdom. So make sure you group up and then apply as a Kingdom to join the Alpha. If chosen, you and everyone in your Kingdom will be able to join the Alpha. If you’re part of the VIP Club, your Kingdom is automatically accepted.

Kingdoms for the Alpha can only be a max of 5 (This will be bigger when the server is open), and we will let you know how you can apply soon.

Will be global rank apply here?

No, it won’t. Kingdoms is built very differently when it comes to ranks. It’s more focused on cosmetics, and donator only locations. We do not want Kingdoms to be pay to win in any way, and we will be making sure our store reflects that.

We’re treating Kingdoms as its own network, like the Wizards Conquest Network. It will still be under our banner but will operate on its own. So will have its own store, site, ranks, etc.

Can I download the modpack now?

No, and there wouldn’t be a lot of point if you could. Kingdoms is fully built on our online servers, that’s what the pack is built for, so it will not offer server downloads or singleplayer. Dropping singleplayer and custom servers, allows for us to fully focus on making the Kingdom server, and we won’t need to fix singleplayer issues or add content in there.

Can you add xxx mod into Kingdoms?

Yes, but also no. Kingdoms has a pre-set plan in what it will become, and the path we have for it. Therefore, we will not be building it like other packs. It’s being built, so you feel all the of mods fit into that world. Some mods are being built directly into the storyline. Our plan is to try and build a world, rather than just a collection of mods. So we will not have mod suggestions like other Kinetic packs.

By the start of Season 3, we would like Kingdoms to be mostly custom mods or have mods that allow us to edit the code. This will allow us to built the world around it more, and fix and patch issues out. If you would like to see one of these custom mods, please check out Arcana.

How will Kingdoms play?

We want you to be able to slowly build up your Kingdom into something you’re proud of. You won’t have the tools to had to build your Kingdom as soon as you join, you will slowly need to build up to it. As you level up, get better items, and learn more about the world, you can build your Kingdom into a shining example. The pack will start and play like no other pack, or vanilla server.

How you’ll be able to build units for your Army?

We plan for this, however, unsure if it will be there at launch. We will be slowing adding new stuff in Season 0. So if it’s not there out the gate, it will be added. You can use NPCs to do work for your Kingdom.

Will there be official guilds?

No, we don’t plan for this. However, you will be able to aline your Kingdoms with one of the 4 NPCs Kingdoms that are planned. Doing so will give you perks, and downsides. However, this feature will not be there at launch but should come sometime soon.

What is the black market?

Kingdoms will be heavily based on its economy. As such, we will be updating and change shops and prices based on it. Kingdoms will need money to stay open so you running out cash, could leave you as a Kingdomless King.

The black market will be another economy in the game. You’ll be able to earn black market coins by doing quest, challenges and taking part in events and mini-games on the server. You can also get some by digging around in our mine, if you’re brave enough. These conis can then be traded for cosmetics, Kingdoms boosts, and other items you can’t normally get. I would watch out, however… using the back market is not allowed in most Kingdoms.

What quests and Kingdom will there be at launch?

The first Kingdom will be there is Season 0. The others will follow later on. There will be NPCs in there, they will say basic things and will make the place feel alive and drop hints to the story, but there will be no storyline until Season 1. The other Kingdoms will slowly be added in huge updates as time goes on. When we add a new NPC Kingdom, it will come with all it story, new items, markets, and quests for you to play with. Adding a new Kingdom really will add a heap load of stuff todo.

Kingdoms, when all the story and custom dungeons are done, should feel a bit like an RPG.


Kingdoms in Season 1 will have fully random dungeons for you to loot. Dungeons will offer cool loot, bosses, and be fully randomly generated. Mobs will also scale to the level of the dungeon, and some dungeons will come with little puzzles. We will show more of this off soon as we get into Season 0.

Will there be classes?

Yes, but again sadly not out the gate. They should be added in Season 1

Lots of stuff coming soon… Isn’t there?

There is. Unlike our other servers, Kingdoms will be constantly updated with custom mods and new things todo. This should keep you wanting to come back for more after a big update, as there will be loads more to do. There will be a lot there at launch, and all the core mechanics are there, and we hope that by the time you have all the Season 0 content done, we will be there ready with our next update.

We know you have more questions

We will be showing off a little demo of the server soon in our sneak peek channel. So you can see how starting out, and building your Kingdom will work. So stay tuned for that.

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SleepingTea: SleepingTea is the owner of the Kinetic Network. He founded it in 2017 after people asked for server for his modpack Kinetic. Over the past few years, it has grown into what it is now.


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