Infinity 6.0.0

Infinity 6.0.0

19th March 2020 Infinity 0

As you know, the Infinity server has now been reset. That old world is now lost in the mists of time… However, while we morn the passing of the old world, we can be glad, as the new 6.0.0 version of Infinity comes packed with fixes, improvements and new mods.

Just to go over some of the bigger changes:

The old annoying tab menu has now gone, you’re back to the classic Minecraft tab list.

Like your worlds to be more than just a swamp? Yeah, so do we. The issue with the Warzone biome being everywhere has now been sorted, and the sweet look of biomes o plenty now takes its place.

You kept asking, and now finally we can say yes! The Mekansim mod is now back in Infinity and can be used on the server.

Get planting, Mystical Agriculture and Agradditions is now in the pack.

Lag should now be better for both Ping and TPS as Infinity is now running on our new systems.

Lost more mods and extras added. You can see the full new mod list here:


The Infinity server will reopen at 9pm GMT!

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SleepingTea: SleepingTea is the owner of the Kinetic Network. He founded it in 2017 after people asked for server for his modpack Kinetic. Over the past few years, it has grown into what it is now.


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