First Look At Our Launcher

First Look At Our Launcher

17th April 2020 Kinetic Platform 0

We’ve been hard at work on our launcher for a little while now and have big plans for what it will become. With extra featues like mod addons, it coming with 64bit java, and the platform we’re building around it. We hope it will not just be another Minecraft launcher, but something you want to download. We won’t be pulling our packs off Technic, and Twitch, so if you want to carry on using them, you can.

Take a look at some early shots.


The Platform and API

As we grow the launcher out, it will be supported by its own platform and API. Allowing both Kinetic and other modpacks to be added to the launcher. We want to build a list of curated modapacks, so users know all modpacks on our platform work, are mostly bug-free, and not just a load of random mods. We will be inviting other modpacks devs, not only ourselves to the platform, in the hope we can build out a large collection of really cool packs.

The platform has an easy to use search and category system. You want to find a space modpack, but only one that has a public server, then you can use our filter tools. Maybe you’re not sure what you want to play, hit the random button, and get something new.

We’ll also be hosting all the packs on the platform, and modpack makers will be able to use our modpack creation tools to build their packs.

Take a look at some early shots of the platform

Don’t worry about Colony being an RPG modpack 😀

The platform will also allow for modpack creators to see and track the stats if their packs. From downloads, to playtime, to page views.


More, More and More

We have lots of other plans we’re working on, like an inbuilt anti-cheat system, and how we’re going to improve our API, but I’ll talk more about that when we have hashed it all out

About the author

SleepingTea: SleepingTea is the owner of the Kinetic Network. He founded it in 2017 after people asked for server for his modpack Kinetic. Over the past few years, it has grown into what it is now.


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