Infinity: Into The Unknown

Infinity: Into The Unknown

1st July 2020 Infinity 0

The huge update to our Infinity server is just about ready to go. Infinity is the oldest pack on our network, and in its time it has gone over a number of shake-ups, and even name changes with it originally being called Beyond. Where Colony and Mythic have remained relatively the same in its theme and goals, Infinity has never really had a place to land. Always being dubbed as the mix between Mythic and Colony.

This time when looking at Infinity, I wanted it to have its theme, a goal, and place to sit in our line up of packs. By just being a mix between Mythic and Colony, it never had the right amount of any type of mod. If you’re into tech mods, why play Infinity over Colony? The same can be said if you’re into magic mods.

Does Infinity still have an epic blend of tech and magic mods? Yes, that will always be part of this modpack, but now I’ve themed the pack heavily around exploration and dimensions. The pack comes crammed with new dimensions for you and realms of reality for you to check out. The worlds are now beautifully generated with OTG and new magic and tech mods have been added into the mix. I’ve also made a point of adding in quality of life mods that it was missing before.


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SleepingTea: SleepingTea is the owner of the Kinetic Network. He founded it in 2017 after people asked for server for his modpack Kinetic. Over the past few years, it has grown into what it is now.


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