Towny is coming to Mythic!

A few weeks ago we spoke about some big updates we were going to be bring to our Mythic server. The first of them have already landed, with huge upgrades to our claim system, and removal of banned items.

However, more is to come. We’re launching a towny version of our Mythic server, and we’re calling it… Mythic: Towny (Took us a long time to come up with that name).

Mythic: Towny won’t just be the Mythic server with a towny plugin jammed in there, it will be a full rich towny server. Don’t worry, if you’re not a fan of town, and just want the classic survival, as both servers will run alongside each other. This comes as part of a shift in focus we’re making here at Kinetic.

Rather than reworking a pack and resetting servers, we’re going to try launching other server types for our packs. Some will just be simple changes, like our towny server, but others will be bigger, with quests and crafting recipes spiced up.

I’m going to leave this post off here, as towny is starting to not look like a word, and I keep putting tonwy.

Hope you all have a epic rest of your day

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