What’s Coming To Mythic: Towny

Wow, launching something other than our normal survival servers, was a little bit of a worry for us, but we’ve been blown away with the feedback and the players on our new Mythic: Towny server. Some of you are just on there for a fresh world, but lots of you are diving into Towny. I’ve been flying around the server, and there are some cool looking builds on there.

As we said when towny went live, we wanted to start simple and grow from there. We’ve already added new stuff into the server, but I’m going to give a rundown of what is to come.

Build Comps
Leader boards

Build Comps

Starting soon, we’re going to be rolling out build competitions on our Towny servers. The winners of the Building Comps will get a sweet little role that you can only get for winning one of these.

As this is towny, we’ll be looking at this on a Town bases. So, the Town as a collective will get the reward.

Each comp will last around 2 weeks and will each have a theme. I’ve heard the theme for the first comp is going to be medieval, but you didn’t hear that from me….

The first Building Competiton will start sometime next week, so keep an eye on the news feed.

Free Ranks

You’ve got all that money, but nothing to spend it on. Well, soon you will have… Our Admin shop will soon offer fancy ranks for you to pick up. Some come with just prefixes, others come with kits and perks.

There will be a number of ranks you can get. Some will be easy to pick up, others will be a bit of grind.


With new ways to spend your cash, you need more ways to get it. That’s why we’re adding jobs into the server. We know some of you have already found the jobs tab, but it isn’t quite configured correctly yet. We’ll be polishing it up this week.

Leader boards

You want to show off that your town has all the best stats right? We’ll soon you can with the leader boards coming to Towny’s spawn.


We have lots of plans that will be coming to Mythic: Towny in its lifetime. Ideas here, will also hopefully roll out to other servers on the network if people like them.

People have asked about Towny servers for other packs. We do plan to launch a Towny server for our upcoming Ultimate 1.7.10 modpack, but it will arrive after the normal survival server. As for our other modpacks, we are looking to bring new servers, but that’s tricky with how unstable and resources heavy 1.12.2 can be. For example, both Mythic and Mythic: Towny use the same resources combined as Mythic: Novus.

That’s all! If you have an feedback or ideas for Towny please let us know!

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