VIP Club, Why?

With the launch of our new VIP Club, I know some of you will have questions on what this means for the network and some of the programs we offered in the pasts.

First of all, I want to go over why we’re launching the VIP Club. When I spoke about the income of Kinetic in a blog post a few weeks ago, I went over how jumpy our income can be. Every month its somewhat of a gamble on if we make the cash to cover that months running costs. Some months we make more than the cost, some months we make a lot less. The idea behind the VIP Club is to hopefully help stable that out. With a subscription, we know roughly how much we have coming in every month.

Kinetic also requires around the clock care. We have a small ground of people who spend hours on the server every week to add new servers and keep the current ones ticking. We love running Kinetic, that’s why we’re here, but sometimes the real world has other ideas. Over the past few months and even years, we’ve lost loads of amazing staff members as they have to leave due to their jobs. So at the start of this year, we made a plan to grow the income of our store and hosting, in the hope to pull more cash in so we can keep these valuable members of staff around.

The VIP Club is hopefully part of this. I just want you guys to see the servers from our point of view, this isn’t us money grabbing. If we wanted to be money hungry, we wouldn’t be running a server like this, and I wouldn’t have been running it for free for the past 3 years. The only reason, I say this, is when we tested VIP Club a few months ago, we had a few members of the community upset with the new charge.

So what is changing?

Well not really a lot. With the VIP Club we’ve looked to add extras, not take away from features we currently offer. The only main thing we’re removing is the Beta Test program. If you want to test upcoming servers, you’ll now need to be a VIP Club member and hop into our prototype lobby.


So does advanced support mean you’ll stop helping if we stop paying? NO, not at all. We’ll still support all our players. It’s just we’ll keep an eye on the VIP Club support channels, and help with other MC related things

VIP Club Only Servers

We are going to start offering VIP Club only servers. The first looks to be one based in 1.16. These servers will be as feature-full as all our public servers, but we’ll be able to offer more complex servers to VIP Club members, with mods that normally wouldn’t work on our public servers. This is all due to the smaller player bases we’ll be getting on the VIP only servers.

That’s all for the questions for now. If you have any questions, please let me know

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