The blue becomes orange

First, Dapper Fox

Dapper Fox Studios is now the name of the small group that runs the Kinetic Network, Kinetic Hosting, and working on BeyondMC and Project Beyond (Alongside our other projects).

The name change, won’t change anything, just puts all our projects under one banner.

Why Are You Doing This?

We don’t have much of a platform outside Discord, so it seems silly to make accounts for all our projects and looks odd if you see BeyondMC news coming from a Kinetic Network account. So by putting it all under one banner like this, we hope we can grow out on other platforms and still give you all the info.

Discord at the moment is the only real way we can talk with our community. We want to grow on other platforms just in case one day something happens to our Discord server. We’ve put 3 years worth of work into this, it would be devastating to lose it overnight.

This won’t change our Discord servers. They will still remain on their own.


One the main reason why we’re pushing this now, as its time to start talking more about BeyondMC. Starting next week we’ll be doing a weekly blog post (Right here, so make sure you give us a follow)showing off sneak peeks of Kingdoms, BeyondMC servers and also letting you know more about our plans. We can’t wait to get chatting about what we’ve been working on.

Streams & More Videos

Also, make sure you drop in on our YouTube and Twitch channels, as we’re going to start uploading more videos and streaming more. Anything from a Q&A to us just playing games.

Kinetic Media Group?

Those of you who know more about how the network operates will know that my company Kinetic Media Group Limited did own the network and some of its projects. This will now all be moving over to Dapper Fox Studios, with the Kinetic Media Group remaining for personal projects.


We’re rebranding our social media platforms to Dapper Fox, this won’t change anything, we’re just moving it under one banner.

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