Scheduled Network Wide Maintenance

Tomorrow we’ll be carrying out backend maintenance on our network, this will impact the following servers:

Mythic, Colony, Ultimate, Infinity, and the NA Proxy

Maintenance will last a few hours and will start at 6am EST/11am GMT. The network will remain online, but these servers may restart a number of times and could go offline for a few moments. We chosen this time as the network has the least players online.

We spoke before about us merging the infrastructure here at Kinetic, with our infrastructure at Kinetic Hosting. For the past few moths we been testing the plan with our Novus and Towny servers, and deemed it a success, so the rest of the network will be following tomorrow. This move will help cut costs with running the network, and allow us to maintain the servers easier. It might also give a little boost the servers performance.

Nothing will really change for you guys, but it will be a huge improvement for us and the Admin team. If you have any questions, then please let me know.

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