2021 Store Rework

Big changes are coming to our online donation store. These changes will affect all our current servers starting next year and will apply to all new servers launched this year.

Going forward we want to start moving into more complex modpacks. So quest based servers, PvP servers, etc. This means our current store model needs to change. Offering a large number of kits on progression based servers, takes away the point of the server, and we will never make a pay to win PvP/Competitive server.

Grandfathered Ranks

Before we dive into the changes, I want to assure anyone who has paid for Ranks on our store or picks up a rank before these changes take effect. All current ranks will be Grandfathered into all our current servers, the ranks as you have them now will not change on our current line up. The same will apply for kits, commands, and anything else. If you already own it, it won’t change.

That being said, global ranks will change on upcoming servers for all users.

Kits and Reduction in Kits

Kits moving forward will be more focused on getting you started in the mod, rather than ending it for you. More tricky and annoying items will be added to a kit, but kits will no longer give you full end game items.

Kits will also no longer be sold as bundles, allowing you to select the kits you want, without needing to pick up others.

Removing Kits

Kits for some mods will be removed from our store as well. When first working on our store, we didn’t really think about how the makers of these mods would feel about the items we sold. We saw other networks doing it, and just followed the norm. If any mod maker has requested that items not to be sold from their mod, or is not using an open licence, we will stop selling kits from these mods. We are currently checking our mod lists, and will shortly be removing all offending kits from our store.

Again, if you already own these kits, you will still get to keep them

Rank Kits

Rather than giving a big selection of kits to ranks, we will now focus more on per rank kits. So for example, the Gold rank will get the gold kit on servers.


Both ranks and Global ranks are being changed from being kits focused, to command focus. Giving more quality of life commands, homes, claim blocks, and chunk loaders in ranks, rather and a spread of kits.

Depending on the server, will also depend on what perks you get. More PvP based servers, for example, won’t give any kits, and commands like /god or /fly will be removed.

We’re also looking at shrinking the current Global rank lineup, to offer fewer, but better options.

New Ranks

When tweaking our line up, we’re also going to offer more subscription based ranks. We tested this with VIP Club, but these ranks will have more perks and will offer some kits.

Also, don’t worry, this doesn’t mean our life time rank are going anywhere, we’re just adding more options to the lineup.

New Perks

We’ve already added chunk loaders to our store on some servers. Moving with this trend, we’re going to start offering more perks rather than just basic commands on our store. These includes access to new servers, pets, effects, etc

We’re also going to make sure homes, currency, and claims blocks can be picked up for all servers.

Also don’t worry, we won’t be taking any perks away from our free users.

Building Your Own Ranks

We’re also going to bring a build your own rank feature to the store. It will be like a pick and mix, but for ranks. You’ll be able to build in whatever kits, command, perks you want, and then pick what servers you would like it to apply on. This should allow you to buy what you want, without needing to spend money on something you don’t.

Why The Change?

Pay to win objects has always been something we’ve hated, so if we can make our store fairer and lower its impact, but at the same time offer a lot of value in our Ranks and kits, that’s amazing…. and this is what we’re moving forward to. Still lots of value, but more fair.

These change will apply to all upcoming servers, and will apply to our current servers in 2021. We will be keeping an eye on feedback, and change this as need.

Thanks for all the support guys! If you have any questions, please let us know.

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