Changes To Our Update Cycle

Updates to our packs up until now have been very random. One day you’ll hop on, and bam here is an update to a pack. Starting from now, we’re going to make a proper update cycle and path for all our modpacks.

Updates and changes server-side will happen when needed as these shouldn’t impact you guys, but we’re now going to dedicate Tuesdays to maintenance. This means if we need to do anything big to the servers, it will be done on Tuesdays. This doesn’t mean there will be big changes every Tuesday, it just means when it’s needed, this is the day it will be on.

Updating Platforms

At the moment Technic is treated as our main platform. All packs are updated here first, and sometimes updates can take weeks or days to come to other platforms. This is due to each platform having its own way of making and uploading packs. As we can host Technic modpacks on our own system, its always been the easiest to update.

However, moving forward the Curse platform will be treated as our main platform. With big updates coming to the platform after the 30th, and it’s now fancy new launcher, we want to move towards the new. However, don’t worry if you still love Technic.

Even with Curse now seen as our main platform, we will still be making sure all updates are ported to Technic at the same time as our public servers update.

Update Launches

Updates will now be launching on all platforms before the public servers are updated. This will give time to make sure all platforms are now running the same version, and allow others to test the update before it is pushed to the servers.

So what does this mean?

When an update for our pack goes live, it will be flagged under Beta on Curse, and under latest on Technic. All updates will come to Curse first, as it is now our main platform. A few days after an update has gone live, we’ll then push the update to our public servers. At the same time, the update will be flagged as stable on Curse, and recommended on Technic.

Latest and Beta versions won’t automatically update. So this will allow users who want to test newer versions of the pack, to trigger the update and play on them. For everyone else, they can play on the packs and servers as normal.

Server Files

Our server files can also be slow to update. So starting today, new server file versions will be launched at the same time the Latest and Beta versions of the pack go live. This will give time for other servers to get ready for the update, and the hosting companies who offer our packs, to make sure they have the new update ready.

Our Platform

Over the years, we’ve had lots of questions about if we would ever have our own launcher. We started work on our own launcher and platform at the start of the year, based on feedback from you guys. However, we’ve sadly lost devs over the year as they’ve moved on to other projects, so our launcher is dead in the water for now. We don’t want to just launch another launcher, we want it to bring something new to the table.

We do plan a some point to get back to it, but for now its in limbo, while we shift focus to improving our servers and BeyondMC. However, if you have any programming knowledge and wish to push our launcher on again, then please get in touch.


At the moment we’ve unofficially dropped support for the ATLauncher. We see most our players on Technic and Curse, so pulled away from AT. However, if you would like us to keep updates on AT, please let us know.

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