Enigma – New Modpack

As some of you might recall we used to run a modpack called Wizard Conquest: Tech & Magic (WCTM). We took ownership of the pack and server after taking over the network it was hosted on.

Last year we handed back the pack to its founder. However, after he took over again the server died and is no longer open. Taking to a few of you, the idea of opening a server like this seemed to be something you wanted

Building on top of our Mythic modpack, I’ve added new tech mods like Mekanism, EnderIO and Draconic. I’ve also added some of the more unstable magic mods, Blood Arsenal, Thaumic Tinker, Sanguine Utilities, and Witching Gadgets. Mythic will still be our home for 1.7.10 magic mods, as not all magic mods from Mythic will be in Enigma.

Please keep in mind, this isn’t the WCTM pack, but a pack built around the same idea, of joining tech with magic.

If you would like Enigma to become a thing, and for us to open a server, please let us know.

Here is the full mod list:

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