Cleaning House

by | Jun 26, 2021 | Uncategorized

Over the past few months, we’ve been making huge upgrades to our network by improving the performance of our servers, improving our feature set, and launching new server types.

However, there are 3 servers that feel a little dated and left behind. Colony, Novus, and Enigma. These being the least popular servers on the network, has left them a little in the cold. Therefore, we’re going to be making a few changes.

Colony: New Worlds

Colony used to be the biggest server on our network and still has the most downloads out of all of our packs. However, as servers like Infinity have come along, there hasn’t been much reason to go back to Colony.

So we’re going to be doing a full rework of the pack. We’re still keeping the Space theme as always, but we’ll be diving deeper into the New Worlds part of the pack.

We’re rebuilding Colony to have themed worlds. Rather than just generic planets, we’re going to be adding our own custom theme ones. Every planet will have its own theme based around set mods in the pack. So we’ll be adding a dinosaur planet, teaming with cool dinosaurs for you to checkout, and a jungle and volcanic theme generation. Other planets might play home to more mystical mods, SCPs, or Shermans? Every planet will also have its own quest line to follow.

We don’t have a set timeline for when the new Colony: New Worlds will go live, but it will be the next big pack coming from us.

Mythic: Novus

Novus is also a little sad and suffers from bad lag spikes. We don’t feel Novus needs a full rework as it has its own place in our lineup. However, we do want to mix some of the mods around and remove the buggy OTBYG mod that is causing the lag.

As this is so close to the last reset of Novus, we will allow players to keep all the items in their inventory. This includes backpacks.

Novus will be reset July 19th.


Enigma sadly followed the same fate as Ultimate. Good launch, but quick drop off. I feel this is due to other better and competing packs on the network like Mythic and Infinity. Enigma will be shutting down July 10th to make way for a Stoneblock 2 server that will go live later in the month.

Enigma was removed from the store a little while ago, however, if you do own any items, please open a ticket and get them moved to another server.

Thank you to everyone who played Enigma!

Final Note

With Kinetic we’ve tried not to be like other modded networks that have a list of dead servers. However, as we’ve added new servers to our lineup, the older ones have got a little forgotten. Moving forward, we’re going to make sure that all servers on the network get the same amount of attention and love.

We welcome feedback on the changes!

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