Are you ready for a challenge? Our all-new modpack & server KN: Survive will be going live on August 27th!

Seasons and Survival

KN: Survive will drop you in a world more hostile than you’re used to. The world now has seasons, and winter is coming! You’ll need to make sure you gear up and get ready. Mobs are harder, faster, and stronger in winter. You’ll need to keep warm or you’ll slowly freeze to death.

The rest of the year has its own challenges. The mobs are still faster and harder than normal. KN: Survive uses the First Aid mod for its health system, so chomping down on some bread won’t solve all your problems anymore.

World & Challenges

The world is also rich with new and challenging mobs for you to take on and fight. The pack comes with a book of challenges, some is to kill these new mobs, others are collecting new items, some are just to try and stay alive. Every time you complete one of these challenges you’ll get rewards and a fancy trophy for you to show off in your base.

New Mods

Surviving isn’t everything. KN: Survive comes with a few mods you don’t normally find in our packs, such as Silent Gems.

Full Mod List