KN: Horizon Goes Live October 5th

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New 1.16 Modpack and Server – KN: Horizons – Incoming

1.16 servers are here! Our first 1.16 server, KN: Horizons will be dropping October 5th at 9pm BST/4pm EST

KN: Horizons is a tech-based modpack for 1.16. It packed to the brim with amazing tech mods, quality of life features, and new biomes, dungeons, and dimensions to checkout. On top of all of this, you also get all the epic features that come with the 1.16 update.

Mod Highlights
Space BossTools
Immersive Railroading
Environmental Tech
Deeper in the Caves
Better End

We’ve built KN: Horizons to be a replacement for our Colony series of modpacks in 1.16. KN: Horizons has more of an emphasis on tech mods, than space, but you can still blast off to other planets should you wish. (The Colony 1.12 server wont be closing. All I mean by this is we wont be carrying the name Colony into 1.16).

Like all new servers KN: Horizons will launch as a beta. 1.16 is a new update for us, we have no idea what performance issues, or crash problems that might come up when we put it under load. So just keep this in mind. If you’ll be playing.

Hope to see you all on the new server!

Full Mod List:


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