Sunsetting Servers

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Sun Setting Servers – Making Way For The New

On the 15th we’re going to be sunsetting support and servers for a few of our modpacks. This is to make way for new servers and as a cost-cutting measure. Sadly if a server only has a few people online, we can’t afford to keep the server running. Therefore the following servers will be closing on the 15th

KN: Infinity Into The Unknown

KN: Colony New Worlds

KN: Ancient Kingdoms

KN: Ancient Kingdoms 1.16 Replacement

We like the idea of AK, but it does need some improvement. The NPCs are clunky, there isn’t much to do, and I know some of you want some PvP in there. Therefore, we have started work on a 1.16 version of the modpack. This will come with the improved version of Ice & Fire and Minecolines. Along with more mods to play with, and PvP zones for those who want to take part. The pack will go into testing for our Beta Testers on the 8th (Sign up to the beta program if you haven’t).

Colony & Infinity Replacement

For those who like Colony, our new Horizons server is a really good replacement for you. It’s basically 1.16 colony, but more refined. Likewise, if you enjoy Infinity, Horizons is a good pack to jump to.

Owned Kits and Ranks

If you own any kits and ranks on these servers, please open a ticket. These can be moved to other servers.

Final Note

I know it’s sad to see the server you play go, but this will make way for new servers and ideas. I also know that it might be a worry for some of you, that lots of servers are closing at once. Kinetic is fine, it’s safe, and not going anywhere. We’re just closing down our least popular servers, to make way for new ideas and better servers. We welcome feedback on this and thank you all for playing these packs. 

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