Ancient Kingdoms is back

Full Mod List:

    Ancient Kingdoms is Incoming!

    Ancient Kingdoms is coming back, with our full rework, Ancient Kingdoms 2. AK2 builds on what was good about AK1, with an expansion to dungeons, new PvP zones, and all in 1.16.5 Along with serverside improvements that allows for entities to have much bigger ranges. (No more walking next to your minecolonies for them to stay loading)

    If you didn’t play AK1, Ancient Kingdoms is all about building your own kingdom, diving dungeons, and exploring the world, and now with AK2 we’ve included new PvP zones. It’s packed full of unique dungeons, collectables, and blocks for you to build out of.

    AK2 has mods like minecolonies, ice and fire, castle in the sky, silent gems, and so much more.

    Building Your Town
    Minecolonies allows for you to build your very own Town, with your own citizens to command. Starting off with a small settlement and growing it into your very own kingdom. Will you be a friendly trade kingdom, or more hostile to others? Well, that’s up to you.

    The dungeons in AK2 have real loot you want. With unique items and collectables to be found. Unique bosses to take on and overcome. Every dungeon will offer a new challenge and experience.

    For the creatives out there, we’ve crammed AK2 with decoration mods. Allowing you to build your base, kingdom, or town how you want it.

    AK2 will have a PvP zone on the map. In this zone, PvP is fully open. You can choose to base here, or just venture in when you feel you’re ready. If PvP is not your thing, no worries, just base outside the zone.

    We’ve built AK2 based on the feedback we got from AK1. Entities now work at bigger ranges, we have the improved versions of Ice & fire and Minecolonies thanks to the 1.16 update, and PvP is now part of the server with our new PvP zones.

    Launch Date
    The planned launch date of AK2 is January 10th