The Next Steps For Kinetic

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First of all, thank you to everyone who filled out the feedback form. If you haven’t done so already, it’s not too late.

Today I’ll be running over the next steps for Kinetic, where we’ll be going from here. Some of this has changed based on your feedback.

Servers For Longer

Over the lifetime of Kinetic, to keep people interested in the network, we’ve cycled through modpacks. When a modpack dies out, we open a new one and shut down the old one.

In the last feedback form, you told us that you wanted servers to stay around for longer, and for them not to close. This is something we implemented but has led to a number of dead servers being on our network. Due to us not making changes to our packs to complement this new release time. (I’ll cover that more in a moment)

Before it was our goal to launch new servers every month, due to the feedback this was pushed back to every 3 months, however, this has had an impact on our player base. Looking at our stats last year we were hitting 100 players being online at peaks. This year, we’re hitting 45 – 50. Now some of this is due to the world getting back to normal, however, a lot of it is people running out of things to do.

The tricky thing with modded, is that mods these days like to give you OP items. This pushes you to the end game of a server very quickly. It can take us 6 months to get a modpack from idea to server, and it can take 6 weeks for people to be done with the server.

For the last year, we’ve been chasing this debt. To make sure there was always content on the network, and to tell the truth this has led to big burnout. You spend months to get a server running right, for people to be done with it in a matter of weeks. This isn’t a fault of you guys, just due to the nature of how modded is now. This has also led to half baked packs. As you saw with AK 1 and Survive. The idea was good, but they were rushed out to get more content on the network when really they needed more time in the oven.

We have also tried to launch packs missing some of the more overpowered mods, but sadly this is often met with pushback from players, with them requesting these mods to be added back into the packs. However, I do feel this is more down to our packs being more kitchen skink based, and having no goal.

Servers Moving Forward

Based on everything I’ve said, moving forward we will be launching what we feel are more long term servers and shaking up the current server lineup we have. These longer-term servers will come with more content and an overall goal and theme. Making it longer to hit the end game, and therefore fitting our pack launch windows better.

However, before that, I’ll just cover some changes we’ll be making to our current lineup of servers.

New Infinity Modpack

First of all, we had a lot of feedback from people wanting some more mixed modpacks. For this, we’ll be rebranding our KN: Horizons modpack to a new Infinity modpack. This will come with a world reset and a huge overhaul of the mods. Turning the pack in the tech and magic mix for 1.16.

More Magic, Less Tech

Next, we’ll be updating KN: Mythic Satus to improve overall server performance and also be assessing what tech mods are in the pack. As we’ve had a lot of people request more magic only modpack.

We’ll be looking at these mods based on your feedback, and will release the changed mod list, before it goes into place. So don’t worry about the mods you love being removed.


The Survive modpack as an idea, I feel is good. In testing, it was a fun pack to play. Due to how unoptimised 1.12.2 is, we sadly had to limit the mob caps on the server. This led to the server being far easier, and not that much of a challenge.

Therefore, we’re going to be launching Survive 2.0. This update will bring the server into the far more optimised 1.16 update. Allowing us to really push those mob caps. We’ll also be changing up some of the mods based on your feedback, and adding more goals/quests.

Colony and Space mods

Another thing in the feedback form was that people missed the Colony servers. We did put out Horizons as a replacement for the server, but due to the lack of any good space mods, it was a bad replacement.

The Galacticraft team are working on updating the mod again, and as soon as it’s launched, we’ll be looking at bringing Colony back.

AK 2, Novus, and Mythic

All these servers will keep getting updates to add more content and to improve overall lag and stability.

Novus has an older world now, so we are looking at a possible reset
Once AK2 is fully stable then more content for the end game will be added to the server
Mythic will keep getting support and we’re putting steps in place to improve the elitism that’s currently going on with some players.

A Long Term Server

So that’s changes to our current packs, but what about this more long term server. Looking at your feedback people have been asking for a more RPG based server, with better dungeons to dive into, along with some more quest-based servers.

So rather than launch any new servers after we’ve done our current plans. We’ll be spending more time working on a bigger server with more content, while also updating our current lineup. Rather than pushing out another smaller and less complex pack.

My worry has always been the network would suffer if we didn’t keep pumping new content, but I now feel going away for a bit and working on a bigger project will be much better long term. Plus, the content will still be coming to the network with our current lineup being updated.

When we have more information on what this new server will be, we’ll let you know. I don’t plan for it a be a huge quest-based modpack like Skyfactory, rather one that’s built around cool mechanics and is community-focused

Custom Stuff

Some people in our feedback forms have also been asking for more custom stuff to be added to the network. This is something we’re working on over on BeyondMC. You can find out more here: BeyondMC – Reimagine Minecraft

BeyondMC will have 2 servers, a custom SMP server, and an MMORPG server full of quests, NPCs, dungeons, etc.

That’s All For Now

We’ll update you about the plans for our newer more complex pack soon. We also welcome all feedback on the changes spoken about today

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