Changes To KN: Horizons – Infinity is Back

by | Feb 27, 2022 | Uncategorized

Hello everyone,

If you read over the blog post I made the other day (If you haven’t I suggest you do), you’ll know we’re making some big changes to our KN: Horizons server.

First, the pack will be rebranded as an Infinity modpack.

Second, we’ll be making a huge shake-up to the mod list to move it into more of a mixed modpack, while also showcasing a few different mods, to help it feel different from our other packs.

Due to this, the KN: Horizons server will be going offline tomorrow. When the server comes back, it will have a fresh world and the new mod lineup. We expect the server to be offline, while we beta tests these changes, and will let you know when it’s back online.

If you would like to help beta test these changes and have input on the new mod list, then please join our beta test team:

Like with all changes, we welcome any and all feedback

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