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The Kinetic Network was started in 2017 by founder SleepingTea for his modpack known as Kinetic, and although the Kinetic server has long gone, the name Kinetic Network has just kind of stuck. Since 2017 the network has opened a number of new servers and modpacks, and has been slowly growing to amass now over 5,000 members.

We try to be the best.

We’re always trying to be the best network out there. Here is a small amount of what we offer on all of our servers.


Our staff team are on hand to help you out with any issue you might have, no matter how big or small. We also have knowledgebase full of helpful info about our servers.

Custom Backend

We've built the backend of our servers from the ground up, so we can offer the best experience on our servers as possible.

Powerful Servers

All the network is based on powerful servers, that help us keep the servers mostly lag free and online 24/7.

Always Listening

We're always listening to our players. That's why we have feedback channels on our Discord and here on our website. We want to know what you think, so we can improve our servers for you.

Custom Mods

Our servers and modpacks have our own custom mods, that add in new blocks and items.

Player Claims

All our servers come with a claim system that allows for you to keep your claim safe.

Player Shops

All our servers have plots allowing people to build their own custom shops and sell items.

Pregen Worlds

All our worlds are pregenerated to keep the servers running smooth and lag free.
Don't just take our word for it
See what our players are saying.
“I wholeheartedly appreciate all the work that the staff put into their servers and modpacks. I have played on many servers before, often the support staff is lacking and they take the player base for granted, but not on the Kinetic Network. They listen to the player base and try to implement what they can. And I hope this never changes..”
“ I started playing on the kinetic network back in 2017 during the whole Mythic/Colony war. Which granted it was a bit strange being the new guy in modded, but this community welcomed me into their world with arms open.”
“Probably one of the best networks ive played on since i got into modded minecraft, their servers are always stable and rarely down.”
"This Network got me back into Minecraft"
"This server is fum I mean fun"
"I like the Kinetic Network because there are people I can talk to, instead of random people. Sure, I have no idea what their real-life person is, but it is nice to have regulars on. There was one time I was kind of upset due to a server crash, and I lost my space station and everything that was in it, but I got over it pretty quickly and started back up."
"The network is full of great people and there's almost never any issues or toxicity"
“I play on Kinetic Network Colony Sci-Fi Minecraft server and it’s the best! Staff is super helpful and there are so many mods to choose from. I love building and Colony gives me the Sci-Fi blocks I have been craving. Thanks to Kinetic Network for everything they do”