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Anti-Cheat Whitelist

If you would like to join the server with a mod that does not ship with our packs, please fill out this form.

Type of mods

Any type of mod that has been build to give the player an advantage over other players who do not have said mod will not be approved. Mods like different mini maps and way points mods are fine.

Finding mod codes

For you mod to be added to our whitelist you will also need to give is us to mod code. This is a very quick and easy and don’t worry we’ll guide to though it all.

  1. Launch the pack with the mod or mods you want whitelisted, then try and join the server or make a single player world. You will then be booted for having an illegal client. 
  2. Go to your modpack folders. Do do this on the Technic launcher press on the modpack options cog on the modpack screen and then press open. Find the folder marked illegal clients.
  3.  Open the latest file with note pad or another text editing program. You should see a list or of mods the Anti-Cheat doesn’t recognise.
  4. You’re looking for something like this: <Mod3 name=”hats”>hats</Mod3> The name is the middle is the name is the mod code.
  5. Copy the mod code like this into your whitelist form, making sure you remove the numbers: <Mod name=”hats”>hats</Mod>
  6. All done! Just send the form off and we’ll whitelist the mod in the next few days, make sure you’re running the latest version of the pack when trying to join again.