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Appeal a Ban

If you have been banned for one of our servers you can appeal the ban by opening a support ticket.

To make sure your appeal is successful, make sure you read everything on this page before you make an appeal.

Your ban will appeal will be rejected if you was banned for one of the following reasons.
Racist, Homophobic or any other offence remarks direct towards a player 
Inappropriate language direct towards a miner
Using cheat mods such as Xray on our servers
Banned after already receiving  3 warnings

Making a Successful Appeal

You can only appeal your ban once every 6 months, so making sure you first appeal is successful is key or you may be in for a long wait.

Make your point clear

Keep your appeal to the point and clear. Read over your appeal after typing it to make sure that what you’re trying to say make sense to someone else when reading it. An unclear or appeal could mean it is rejected due to us not being able to understand it.

Show remorse and don’t lie

When a staff member bans a player, they log proof of the event. Lying and saying that you didn’t nothing wrong, when we have proof that says otherwise is a good way to get your ban appeal rejected. 

Don’t chat about it in public chats

Going into our other servers or Discord to complain about your ban is also a good way to get your ban appeal rejected. If you feel your ban was in error, as this can happen we’re only human, open a ticket and calmly tell us why you believe the ban was wrong. Screening about it is public chats will not be tolerated and your find yourself with a network wide ban.

Don’t shift the blame

If someone else did something that is against our rules report them on the Report a Player page, don’t point blame here. This appeal is about you and you other we don’t care what other did in this instance. 

Give detail 

To make sure we can understand your side of the story, please always make sure you give detail.