Banned Items

Here you can find a list of all the items banned on our servers. We try to keep our banned items to a minimum, however sometime it is unavoidable. If you feel an item should be on this list then please let us know!

Mythic: Classic

Grave Pet – Item Duplication

NPC Wand – Crashes Client

Bomb – Griefing

Super Bomb – Griefing

Continuum Bomb – Spawn continuum items

Continuum Orb – Spawns banned items

Machinist’s Workbench – Duplication glitch

Filing Cabinet – Duplication glitch

Diamond to Crystal Chest Upgrade – Client and Server Lag

Crystal Chest – Client and server lag

Fancy Workbench – Duplication glitch

Bound Pickaxe – Bypasses claims 

Bound Axe – Bypasses claims 

Bound Shovel – Bypasses claims 

SDX – Big boom

Ethereal Shard – Server crash

Terra Shatterer – Bypasses claims

Market – Duplication glitch

Black Hole Pet – Server lag

Illusion Block – Server crash and server timeout issues

Golden Bag of Holding – Duplication glitch

Retrieval Node – Corrupt chunks

Ender Quarry –  Server lag

Bottled Taint – Greifing

Lucky Bell – Spawns banned items

Sponge Pet – Bypasses claims


Beyond: Infinity

Diamond to crystal chest upgrade – Iron Chest

Omni Tool – Matter Overdrive
ME Identity Annihilation Plane – Applied Llamagistics

Transfer Node (Items) – Extra Utilities 2

Transfer Node (Fluids) -Extra Utilities 2

Transfer Node (Energy)-Extra Utilities 2

Chunk Loading Ward – Extra Utilities 2
ME Annihilation Plane – Applied Llamagistics
Shape Card (Void) – RF Tools Shape
Card (Quarry) – RF Tools
Crystal Chest – Iron Chest
Key of Kings Law – Botania

Fan – Openblocks

Mythic: Novus

Diamond to Crystal Chest

Upgrade Plant Interactor

Transfer Node (Item)

Transfer Pipe Shape card (clearing Quarry)

Shape card (clearing Silk Quarry)

Shape card (clearing Fortune Quarry)

Shape card (Quarry)

Shape card (Silk quarry)

Shape card (Fortune quarry) ME indentity Annihilation plane

Cube of Annihilation

Ghast Pet

ME Annihilation Plane

Crystal Chest

Shield Projector

Tier 3 Shield

Projector Tier 4