Modded, but in a new way

Modded Minecraft is the best way to play. It adds 100s of extra blocks and items for you to play with and allows you to turn Minecraft into whatever type of game you want. The only issue is it can be messy. With heavy load times, crash issues, lag, and bugs.

But what if there was another way.

BeyondMC will have custom blocks, items, mobs, but it will all be server-side. Meaning you don’t need to download a modpack, or wait for long load times, you can just join with a normal Minecraft client.

Tech Demo

Before we started work on BeyondMC we made this small tech demo, just to see what we could do with this method. It’s very basic here, but you’ll get an idea of what we’re planning.

Everything in this video has been added using only plugins. This is also only the start. We’re now been able to add in our own custom blocks, complex machines, more advanced tools, custom crafting and combat mechanics and so much more.

How does it work, is it magic?

No. We’re just using heavily modified plugins and data packs to serve you the content on the server. Using this method we’ve been able to add custom items, blocks, and mobs into the game, without the need for client-side mods.

Our servers

Alright, the items are cool, but what are we going to be doing with them. Well, BeyondMC will launch with 3 servers. Towny, Prison, and Creative. They will later be joined by Kingdoms, Skyblock, Minigames, Warzone, and more.


Towny will offer you the normal towny experience, but with our custom stuff. Towny will have its own IC2 and Thermal inspired machines, custom tools and weapons, custom armour sets with their own abilities, and so much more. We’ll be bringing what you would expect to see in a modded server. Once the server is live we plan to update the server with its own magic system and dimensions.


Our prison server will set the trend of taking something you would expect to see but adding to it. It will be like prison, but you’ll have a full suite of tools to play with. From flying TNT, Hammers, Custom Picks, and more. It also won’t just be stone you’re digging. We’ll be adding custom buildings and sets for you to sink your teeth into.


Our creative server will allow you to take a breather from everything, or allow you to test out that idea you had in your head. Our creative server will have regular building comps and will allow you to download the builds you make in our server, so you have kept them close forever.


Build your very own Kingdom and fight, trade and ally with others. Kingdoms will also have its own story, level and quest system for you to check out. Kingdoms will be one of the biggest Minecraft servers out there in terms of scope. We’ll tell you more soon.

Minigames and Warzone

We’ll be using custom items, blocks, and mobs to spice up some classic minigames, alongside adding our own to the mix. Based on the more modern versions of Minecraft, we’ll bring something new to the table, with maps and game mode built around the new combat mechanics. For those of you who love the old 1.8 combat mechanics, we’ll have the warzone that will offer the more classic minigames.

Coming Soon

I hope you liked everything we spoke about here. BeyondMC isn’t open yet, we hope for it to go live in 2021, and we’ll have more to show you over the coming months.

If you’re dev and would like to help with the project, please apply here:

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