Content Creators

If you have a YouTube or Twitch channel and are looking to make videos or steams with our modpacks, you can apply for some epic rewards.

How does it work?

Everytime you make a video or stream when playing on our servers you can apply for some rewards. All you need to do is fill out the form below and you should receive your perks within 48 hours.

Also, don’t worry if you’re making a series, you don’t need to send us in the videos 1 by 1, just send us a link to the series playlist. 

Are then any requirements? 

The only requirements we have is that the video and audio quality are good. Your view count and subscribers/followers don’t matter. All creators no matter how big or small are welcome.


Creator Rank

3 Videos/Streams

Silver  or Equivalent

10 Videos/Streams

Gold  or Equivalent

16 Videos/Streams

Platinum or Equivalent

23 Videos/Streams

Creator Pro

30 Videos/Streams

The Creator and Creator Pro ranks are global and will give perks and kits across all our servers, even on servers where global ranks don’t normally apply. The Silver, Gold and Platinum ranks will only be applied to the server you’re creating the content for.


If you’re happy for us to do so, we will also promote your Twitch or YouTube channel on our websites and Discord servers. Helping other people find your work.