Say hello to Crashy

Crashy is a Discord bot that can solve Minecraft crash reports. Simply drag the crash report into a text channel, and Crashy will read and solve it for you. If he hasn’t seen your crash report, it will be saved and used to teach him.

Cool right?

Plans for Crashy

At the moment he is just a Discord bot, but we’ll be using all the info we collect here to also launch the Crashy mod. The mod will help server admins solve crash issues on their servers, and also solve them without them even needing to lift a finger. He will do this by reading the crash reports and then taking action. If there is a bugged block or items in the player’s inventory, Crashy will simply remove it.

We also going to be updating the Discord bot to feed Crashy more info and allow him to read log files.

Add to your server

If you would like to add Crashy to your server, you can by pressing the button.

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