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Welcome To The Creation Team

The bigger Kinetic grows the more we want to do. Bigger servers with more objectives, quests, and storylines. We want to evolve our servers to offer more to our players, and we know our players also want this too.

Sadly we can’t do this alone, bigger projects need more people. So we’ve started the Creation Team. The Creation Team will be working alongside the Owner and Admin Team to build new modpacks and servers. They’ll have direct input in how the server is built, and be able to come up with their own ideas. This won’t just be us directing you, we called it the Creation Team, as you’ll have a direct impact on the creation of new servers and packs. The Creation Team will talk directly with the Admins and Owner, in weekly meetings and text chats, as we build and plan the modpacks and servers.

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own pack or server but don’t know how or just never had time to do it alone, this is the perfect role for you.

Help us build the next generation of Kinetic servers!

I don't have the skills

It doesn’t matter if you know how to build modpacks, or work servers. We welcome people with both knowledge and understanding and those who don’t. We’ll be here to teach you along the way.

Programming knowledge is not a requirement of the Creation Team. Custom mods and plugins will be handled by us.

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