Servers Questions

At the moment we only have public servers open for Beyond, Atom and Mythic: Novus

We also have more servers in the works, head to our new servers page to find out more.

Some of our modpacks do have server files, however updating them is not a top priority for us. If you want to set up your own server simply take the mods and configs from the modpack directory, removed the client side mods and download forge from the website.

If you need more help with setting up your own server head to our support center.

If you have added mods to our packs please make sure that you have run the mod via one of the staff members before joining the servers. This is to prevent you from being banned by our Anti-Cheat.

Mods like: Optifine, minimap mods, surge and any shader mods are fine and classed as innocent mods. 

Mods like: Schematica, X-Ray or another cheat/hack mods are classed as aggressive mods. If seen to be using these, you will have a life ban from all our servers.

All our modpacks are hosted on our web server.

Technic recommends you use sites such is Dropbox, but they have a download cap and can offer slow download speeds. If you’re looking for a place to host your modpack files, we recommend these guys: https://hostpresto.com/

Our servers machines are hosted from OVH.  https://www.ovh.co.uk/

If you’re looking to rent your own Minecraft server for a smaller player base, like your mates, we recommend these guys: https://www.bisecthosting.com/

We have two servers that keep the Kinetic Network ticking.

They both have:

i7 8 Core 4790K, 32GB of RAM, 500GB SSD

Server one is located in France and server two is located in Canada

We will never shutdown a server with out letting you know. Never listen to anyone talking about a server shut down, unless it is the Owners themselves.

There are two reasons why we would shutdown a server. Low player count and if the server isn’t make enough money for us to keep it open. Unfortunately servers don’t come for free.

We will never competently wipe a world file useless we really have to. Every 6 – 8 months we will wipe the world files of our servers, however when doing this we will always keep the last world available on the servers for people to continue playing on.

If the server you are playing on has a mining world, expect this to be wiped for frequently.   

If you paid for a rank or kits on Beyond for for example, you can’t then move it over to one of our other server like Mythic. This is kind of like buying a ticket for Vue Cinemas and then taking it to Odeon Cinema and expecting to see a movie. 

All server ranks are for that server only, unless we close the server you own the rank on. Then you can moved the rank onto one of our other servers. 

If you need help on any of our servers. Please head to our support centre here. If you still have any issues open a ticket here

Modpack Questions

Adding more RAM when using the Technic launcher is simple.

Press on the white cog on the top blue bar call Launcher Options. This will then open a window.  Head to Java settings. You can then add more RAM via the drop down.

Also make sure you leave around 2GB of RAM for other processes on your computer.

If you dislike reading checkout this handy video here!

If you can’t add more than 1GB of RAM then you need to download a 64bit Java. 


Follow that link and download the correct version for your computer. If you’re using windows use the version marked: Windows Offline (64-bit)

Checkout a handy dandy video here!

Sure you can! But if you come into any errors when doing this, we will not offer any support. Sorry, but we just don’t have to time.

Also please make sure that any mods you have added are removed before you join us public servers. This is to prevent Anti-Cheat systems from banning you.

Yep, we are always open to suggestions for are packs. However, just because you have suggested a mod doesn’t mean it will make it into the packs.

There could be a number of reasons why your mod doesn’t make it in. It doesn’t fit our visions of what the pack should be, the mod is buggy or the mod make doesn’t want his mods in any pack.

Give it a shot and suggest your mod here!

Sorry, we just don’t have to time to help you with issues with your own pack or any modpack that hasn’t been created by us. There are a huge amount of YouTube videos out there for setting up your own pack. You should get the hang of it after a bit of Google.

You can only download our packs from Technic at this time. However we will soon be expanding this. 

If you need help on any of our servers. Please head to our support centre here. If you still have any issues open a ticket here

Other Questions

We’re always looking for to join our staff team.Click here to sign up!

We where founded mid 2017 by SleepingTea (Chris) he owns the network along with JollyPeach (I’mThatPeach)

Yep, you can join us here: https://discord.gg/qTB8N28