Changing Up The Free Hosting Game
Free hosting is an amazing idea. It allows people to connect and play online with their favorite games, at no cost. However, it is not without its issues. Long queue times, slow under powered servers, and no file access are just a few of the issues we've seen here.
But its free right?
We don't think that matters. We want to build a host platform that is not only free, but also offers everything any paid provider offers. Meaning no queue times, file access, and powerful servers.
Say hello to our impact servers
We're building our servers from the ground up to not only be powerful but to be completely and utterly free. No hidden cost or changes, and all the features you would get from a pro hosting service.
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Ah, one issue there... We're still in beta right now. However, you can still get your hands on one of our servers! Fill out the beta application, and we'll get back to you when one of our servers are ready. We normally get back to a beta app within a few weeks.
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