About Spellbound

The Mods

Spellbound comes packed with all the best mods for a 1.12.2 magic modpack, with Roots, Thaumcraft, Embers, Astral Sorcery, EvilCraft, Botania, Akashic Tome and so much more!


Make 1000s of unique spells with Electroblob’s Wizardry and Magical PSI.


Spellbound has a range of add-ons for Thaumcraft 6. Adding in new ways to enjoy the mod, and a splash of the old Thaumcraft 4.

Unique Mobs

Spellbound comes packed with mods like Mowzies Mobs that add cool unique mobs in the world, you can even train your very own Dragon… Cool right?

A Splash of Tech

Spellbound also comes with a few tech mods, so you can automate your life, like EnderIO, Extreme Reactors, Thermal, Industrial Forgoing and more.

Custom Mods

Like all Kinetic modpacks, Spellbound also has custom mods built by the Kinetic Dev Team to improve the pack performance, security, fix issues with mods, and add new custom items to the game.



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