Getting Started
Lets get you set up

Let’s get you setup.

So, we have our modpacks on a number of different platforms, each has its own perks and drawbacks, so really it’s down to you what one you choose. We’ll be going over all of them here, so please pick the best one for you.

Technic is one of the oldest modpack platforms out there. It has a fairly easy to use, launcher, but can be slow to load and update packs sometimes. You can also download a huge range of modpacks, not just ours.

The Curse launcher, it’s nice, clean and way more advanced than the Technic launcher. However, to use it, you also need the Twitch launcher and if you’re not that into game streaming, its a bit unneeded waste.

Direct From Us (Kinetic Launcher)
This is our own launcher, built to work with our modpacks. It’s the most lightweight of the 3, and offer more config options like downloading Optifine. As it’s our own launcher, of course, we recommend it 😀

Kinetic Icon

The Kinetic Launcher is only open to beta testers at the moment. Sorry about that!


Getting a 64BIT Java

All of our modpacks need more than 1gb of RAM, so you’ll going to need a 64BIT version of java. If you’ve played modpacks before, then your most likely already have this, so you can skip this step. We get asked this question a lot, so we’ve made a handy video to help you get things set up.

That’s all folks

That’s it, you’re done. Just press play on whatever launcher you have chosen and the IP will be in the modpack waiting for you. One last note is you will need a paid copy of Minecraft if you’re using a cracked client, then you won’t be welcome here.

You can find our modpack by heading to the modpack icon on the nav bar or searching for them on the Twitch Launcher.

Hope you enjoy our servers!