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Getting Started

Welcome to the Kinetic Network! Lets get you setup with one of our modpacks.

Get a copy of Minecraft

This may seem obvious, but this is one of our most asked questions, you will need to have a legit copy of Minecraft Java Edition to join our network. If you own a cracked copy of the game, you will not be able to join any of our servers.

Head to the official Minecraft website and pick yourself up a copy of the Java Edition. 

Download a Launcher

Choose one of the launchers to download. You only need one, they work in similar way and its just down to personal preference. We recommend the Twitch Launcher for people new to modded Minecarft.  

Kinetic Launcher

Our launcher will be available soon.

Technic Launcher

Twitch Launcher

Have no worries! These launchers are used by 1000’s of people everyday.

You can find all our modpacks on Technic and the Curse platform. If you’re new to this, Technic and Curse are kind of like Steam for Minecraft modpacks. Creators can upload and distribute modpacks via the website and launcher.

Add our packs

For Technic

You can find all our modpacks for Technic here. To add them to the Technic launcher follow the link for the pack you want to download. Then press the button marked “Install this modpack” at the top of the page. The Technic site and launcher will guide you though the rest.

For Curse

Open the Twitch launcher then got to the mods tab. Press browse all modpacks, and search SleepingTea (One of the owners usernames) this will then bring up all of our packs on Curse.

Hop on a server

When the modpack you have chosen has downloaded, press the play button and give the pack a bit of time to load up. Then press the “Public Server” button on the main menu!

Bam! You’re all done, simple wasn’t it? Welcome to the Kinetic Network!

Game not starting?

Whoops… Seems you’re having a bit of an issue! No worries, having the game to crash on startup is a common issue.

If your game is crashing when it loads up this means you need to give more RAM to the game. This is a simple processes and we’ll guide you over it.

Step One

Grab yourself a 64bit version of Java. (You can do that with the button below). 

Now your going to need to get the correct version for your computer. If you’re running windows or Linux download the x86 versions. If running Mac download the x64. Download the versions with .exe and the end of their name in the blue download link. 

Then just run the installer. 

Step Two – Don’t need this step for Curse. 

Go back to the Technic launcher and press the button at the top right called “Launcher Options”. You then want to go to the Java tab.

Here you can select how much RAM you want to add to the pack. How much you can add will depend on your computer. You need to add more than 3GB to the game.

Never add over 6GB as this can slow down your game. More isn’t always better.

Step Three

You’re all set! Start the game back up and it now should load. If you’re still having issues join our Discord server or send us an Email and will work with you to resolve your issue.

Why do I need this?

You will already have Java on your computer as it is used for a range of programs and is needed to play non modded Minecraft. Normal 32bit Java is fine, but when you need to give it a bit more power to run a modpack, you need the 64bit.