How to download our modpacks and join our servers

A Little Stuck?

Not sure how to download our packs, and join the server? No worries, its simple, and we’ll guide you over it.

Download Curse

First, you’ll need to download the Curse Launcher. You can download it by pressing on the button.

Search For Our Packs

Alright, now you have the launcher, you’ll need to download our packs.

At the top, you’ll find a search box. Just search “SleepingTea” to find all the packs. Select the pack for the server you want to play on. The launcher will take care of the rest. 

Press Play

Once it’s downloaded, press play. This will open the normal Minecraft launcher. Press play again.

If any popup box shows just press okay.

Joining The Server

Now you have the pack loaded. Just press on play game, then public server. You’re all set!

Joining 3rd Party Servers

If you’re looking to one of our 3rd party servers like Skyfactory 4, you’ll need to add the IP to your multiplayer menu. To find the server IP for all our 3rd party servers, please head to the servers page and press on the server you want to join. 


What’s a 3rd Party Pack?

A 3rd party pack is a modpack not made by us. Some of our servers run packs made by us, some run packs made by other people. All modpack made by us have KN at the start.

KN: Mythic Novus – One of ours
Skyfactory 4 – 3rd Party