Mod Suggestion

Mod Suggestion

12th July 2020 0

Modpack: Colony: New Worlds
Mods: 6 JEI Add Ons
– Just Enough HarvestCraft (JEHC)
– Just Enough Energistics (JEE)
– JEI Integration
– Tinker’s JEI
– Just Enough Petroleum
– Just Enough Reactors

Curse Pages (In order listed)

Adds JEI Support for the following mods (In the order listed)
– Pam’s Harvestcraft items that have an output.
– Applied Energistics 2. Makes it easier to create patterns
– General support for recipes and configurable tooltips.
– Tinker’s Construct, Adds support for tool stats
– Immersive Petroleum, Adds support for Distillitation Tower recipes.
– Extreme Reactors, displays usuable Fuels, Coolants and Turbines Material

These mods add no content.
They merely add to the info displayed by JEI, to help the player better
understand the mods they support

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