KN: Infinity Into The Unknown


1.12.2 kitchen sink pack

All the mods, in one package

Welcome to Infinity: Into The Unknown, the latest in the line of our Kinetic: Infinity modpacks. Infinity is a huge mix of all kind of mods, for the 1.12.2 update. We’ve carefully selected a huge range of mods, so no matter what type of mod you enjoy, there will be something in here for you to play with. Dive into an infinite amount of dimensions, with the Betweenlands, AbyssalCraft, Erebus, and more.

If you’re not bothered about dimensions, how about take a splash at building and automating your own factory with our huge range of tech and power mods.

Maybe you’re more a story and magical person, week Infinity is also crammed with story-rich magic mods for you to enjoy. Build your very own custom spells and find out the secrets of the world you’re living in.

Infinity: Into The Unknown, truly has the best selection of mods for the 1.12.2 update. All of it here, in one modpack!

Mod Highlights

Blood Magic
Astral Sorcery
Immersive Engineering
Industrial Forgoing



Not sure how to download, or what launcher to use? No worries, press the button and we’ll guide you over it all.

Images From Infinity

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